Jubail Chemical Industries

Located in the industrial city of Jubail, JANA manufactures a range of epoxy resins –in liquid, solid and solution forms –for a variety of industrial applications. As the only producer of epoxy resins in the Middle East.


Arabian Alkali Company

Located in Jubail industrial city, SODA is specialized in manufacturing of very high-quality Anhydrous Caustic Soda (sodium hydroxide) using world class state of the art facilities with technology supplied by Bertram’s AG, Switzerland.


Nama Industrial Investment

NAMA Industrial Investment was established in 2007, and is located at Jubail Industrial City –
the world’s largest single industrial development project. Operating as a limited liability company, NAMA Industrial Investment embodies its name by making smart and significant investments in the oil, gas, and petrochemicals sectors.


Nama Europe

NAMA Europe was created in direct response to rising demands from European clients for quicker delivery of premium and customized products, and proactive customer service. NAMA Europe is based in the Alpine town of Merligenin Bern, Switzerland.


NAMA Germany

An affiliate of NAMA Chemicals and all its subsidiaries, NAMA Germany is strategically located in the German border town of Lörrachto ensure legislative compliance across the European Union. NAMA Germany handles all processes and procedures of REACH.