Quality policy

We obtained the ISO 9001 accreditation through our work in Nama Chemicals Company and all its subsidiaries with the motive of achieving excellence in our business and managing all operational activities following the highest international standards and practices and our commitment to support an integrated management system related to environmental, health, safety, quality, and care obligations.

  • health
  • safety
  • quality

  • Provide a secure, safe and healthy work environment to our employees and business partners.

  • Eliminate occupational hazards to reduce health and safety risk, implementing controls based on hierarchy.

  • Manage wastes in safe and sustainable manner and eliminate and mitigate its environmental impacts.

  • Practice reduce, reuse and recycle of materials.

  • Produce goods and provide services that will generate highest customer satisfaction on quality, cost and delivery.

  • Total conformance to all specifications and procedures.

  • Provide the highest priority to quality and never compromise.

  • Encourage participation and consultation of our employees through different channels.

  • Comply with all statutory requirements applicable to our processes, including relevant interested parties.

  • Provide adequate resources and training to enhance the company performance.

  • Achieve via effective process the requirements of Responsible Care.

  • Responsibly follow and practice the guidelines of our Code of Conduct.

  • Establishing KPI metrics, targets, and objectives in the pursuit of continual improvement.

  • Communicate to all NAMA Stakeholders and Interested Parties and respond to their concerns.