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Nama Chemicals Company is a Saudi Arabia-based joint stock corporation that is listed on Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” as NAMA.

With a manufacturing and marketing portfolio that includes epoxy, epichlorohydrin, caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid,sodium hypochlorite, and calcium chloride, NAMA’s products are used in various applications and by numerous industries –around the world. Full-fledged affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions are also engaged in developing, owning, operating, and managing industrial projects in the chemical and petrochemical fields.

  • Over 30 years of experience

We impose strict safety and quality measures to provide products that enhance the life of your family

Aligned with vision 2030

As Saudi Arabia aims to diversify its energy resources by turning to solar and nuclear power and reducing the need for fuel oil, NAMA actively contributes to this national strategy by utilizing local natural resources as part of its dynamic growth.



NAMA will maintain market leadership by continuously striving to meet needs and demands, to build and foster strategic alliances, and offer innovative solutions that guarantee satisfaction.


To supply our customers with the best products and services and maximize value for all our stakeholders by adhering to international standards in quality control, occupational safety, and business practices; by using the cleanest and most advanced technologies; and by amplifying the potential of our human capital through training and education.