About Us

Company overview

Depends on the investment activities of the company owning the establishment and operation of industrial projects in the field of chemical and petrochemical industries. Including JANA project and producing epoxy capacity of 120 Thousand tonnes per annum in addition to the Soda project and producing 50 000 tonnes per annum of caustic soda prills. This is in addition to Hassad project with production capacity of 250 Thousand tonnes annually various chemical substances, including substance ECH and caustic soda, chlorine, calcium chloride.


Company history

Company was founded under the Ministerial Resolution No.719 dated 29/06/1412. The company establishment two industrial projects in Jubail Industrial City, these two companies, JANA and SODA for the production of epoxy and caustic soda. The third project was the establishment of Hassad These projects are all wholly-owned subsidiary of NAMA.