Work with us

NAMA has been named one of Saudi Arabia’s top 100 companies.

Talented and dedicated employees can expect and secure a bright career with us. We are a fast-growing firm with big ambitions for the future, and we place our people at the centreof it. Knowing that our people are our most valuable assets, we are committed to the development of our human capital.

We are proud of our diverse, multicultural workforce, their seamless teamwork, and their loyalty to our organisation. In turn we invest in their wellbeing and wellness, and offer ongoing training and career related adult education for all employees. We also place activefocus on Saudi workers by developing their technical skills, management capabilities and English language proficiency.

NAMA is fully committed to workplace safety, and we ensure that every employee can complete assigned tasks in confidence. Our people take pride in our care for the environment and the exacting procedures we follow to preserve it In everything we do, we do our best to be good corporate citizens and enhance the lives of our communities. Join us on our journey.