Chairman’s Message

Eng. Hatem Hamad Al-Suhaibani

I am pleased and honored on behalf of myself and on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors and all employees of Nama Company to welcome the honorable shareholders, visitors, and participants to the website of Nama Company, which aims to provide an integrated idea of Nama, its subsidiaries and its current and future projects, and aims to develop institutional communication between the company, its shareholders and customers.

This comes out of the company’s constant keenness to implement its operations effectively by developing an ambitious and sustainable strategy based on several foundations represented in building an effective organizational and institutional structure, developing human resource systems, and enhancing the efficiency of existing projects in terms of production capacity and competitiveness with the development of new projects in the chemical and petrochemical sectors.

Within the framework of this strategy, the company has succeeded, since its inception in 1992, in presenting a new project for the Saudi economy. The project of the Arab Alkali Company (Soda), which began production in 1995, was the first of these ambitious projects, followed by the project of the Jubail Chemical Industries Company (JANA), which began producing epoxy in 2000. The company succeeded in increasing its production capacity three times in a row between 2000 and 2007. The third of these projects is the Hassad project, which adds four other chemical products to the company’s constantly expanding list of products. The company has been keen to invest in projects that develop and improve the efficiency of operating costs and improve the environment in the process of establishing wastewater treatment units from the sodium chloride and epoxy resin factories of Jubail Chemical Industries Company (JANA), with the aim of reducing the annual operating expenses by approximately 27 million riyals.

In the same context, the company was able to integrate common services among all its subsidiaries in parallel with its implementation of its plans to develop the organizational structure and human resource systems, ensuring the effectiveness of the services provided while reducing their costs at the same time. And all this came in conjunction with the program to qualify and absorb Saudi cadres through cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund, within the framework of which the company succeeded in qualifying a significant number of ambitious Saudi youth who joined the constellation of functional cadres of the company and proved their superior worth at work.

With regard to safety and environmental health, it has always been the focus of the company’s attention and focus, which was evident in the company’s assertion of its commitment to the highest safety standards to ensure the provision of a safe workplace and reduce the risks resulting from its operational operations by following the best international standards for safety and environmental preservation. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which is embodied in every aspect of our business, we realize that in order to achieve an effective response to the challenges of sustainability, we must enhance our interaction and communication with the community through participation and apply new tools to enhance our goals that have been set for sustainability.

In conclusion, I am pleased to extend, on behalf of the Board of Directors, my thanks to all shareholders and visitors to this esteemed website, which we hope will constitute a platform through which we all work to achieve the common interest of the company, its customers, and shareholders. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors and all the employees of the company for their effective efforts in performing their duties, wishing everyone success.