Nama and its affiliates (JANA & SODA) are certified with ISO standards 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and together these form the company’s Integrated Management System.

Processes and procedures

Technical expertise and advanced technologies ensure that all our products, and the processes and procedures we use to createthem, meet rigorous industry standards, and that in doing so, they uphold the health and safety of our employees. These are also regularly updated, to safeguard employees and their immediate environs.

Design and construction

Safety is a primary factor in the design and construction of new facilities, to enable employees to perform their tasks and operate plants efficiently, and to ensure that they are fully safe while doing so.

Learning and training

Furthermore, employees are trained on the usage of all equipment, and the equipment is maintained properly and in timely manner. Continuous and regular employee training includes classes,demonstrations,practicedrills and personal instruction.